This story is about Aarti who is married to Rishab and has 15 years old son Aansh. She tries to manage her personal and professional life, but there is no love between her andย  Rishab and she continues life with him for the sake of her son.

Aarti decides to learn guitar and she meets sahil there, both became friends and she never knew when she fell in love with him. Sahil is younger to her and she understands love has no age. Will Aarti leave Rishab and and her son Aansh for Sahil? Will Rishab find out Aarti’s relationship with Sahil? How will her son Aansh react after knowing all what is happening around him and how it affects him?

So Grab the book now from and get into the read.

An emotion packed book with strong characters that portrays Aarti’s struggles in a very realistic manner.

Title: THE CLOSURE Journey To My True Self

Author: Sweta Sureka

Publisher: Notion Press, Inc

Published on: Sept 2018

Pages: 178








Reeva Panchal has had a traumatic past, but she is trying to build up her life again from the scars with her skill in art. Everything goes as her plan and wish. She receives a surprise marriage proposal from a wealthy hotelier Agvinesh Solanki, She feels odd about it but can’t help and being forced by her mother to agree to the proposal.

With Agvinesh entry in her life all her problems seems to be solved and goes smooth even though Agvinesh continues to exude a dark aura for her.

Later a series of event is unfold and her past is dug up to break relations.

Grab the book soon to know the mystery behind Reeva’s past.

Great Job done by the author. I enjoyed reading this novel. Very well written and finished in a day. The novel is filled with love, thrill, mystery, one sided love, betrayal, self respect and a twist in tale.

Title: The Day He Was Gone

Author: Anjum Awasthi Malick

Publisher: Invicible Publishers

Pages: 199

Rating: 4.5/5

Genre: Fiction, Thrill & Mystery.

I recommend this book to all who love novels. You will enjoy the read.

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DARE DREAMERS A Start-up Of Superheroes.

Rasiq is an investment banker who is struggling hard with new job work pressure which is not allowing him to sleep or have time for himself. He is very busy dealing with corporate world with hard tasks day & night to earn a large amount of money. On the other hand it is because he is recruited as single person in the place of five bankers. After struggling for 2 years as a banker, he finally quit the job to follow his passion and start his own business. He faced lot of tortures from his father side for resigning the well paid job and forces Rasiq to find new job. That morning of small arguement with his father on his career and future he leaves home and drives his bike crazily and ended up at small accident which gives him a turning point that he gets an idea of starting a business on safety.

Rasiq start-up Dare Dreamers with a team of five talented and unique people.

Nick – crazy inventor and a college friend.

Dr.Vyom- Medical expert.

Arjun- A Champion Shooter.

Natasha- A bollywood stunt double.

Halka- A strong man.

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Title: DAREDREAMERS A Start-up Of Superheroes

Authors: Kartik Sharma & Ravi Nirmal Sharma

Publisher: Rupa Publications.

Pages: 288

Genre: Fiction.

Language: English.

Rating: 3.5/5


On The Open Road is a story about Myra, Kabir & Sandy. Each one of them has their own struggles, their own reasons, but have a common dream, to have their own start-up.

Myra- a developer, Kabir- Who runs his family Business, Sandy- who leaves college to work on his startup creating Apps, which isnโ€™t successful. Will the three step out of their comfort zone? will their dream of a startup come true?

Anyone who has a dream of owning a startup should give this book a read. I felt people from other walks of life could find it a little difficult to relate to the experiences noted by Stuti. Though the book is a light read, the amount of experience and self-motivation we gain is a lot. The book makes you self-introspect to think ahead of career and make decisions.

If you wish to get inspired to live a dream by reading a fiction book then this is the one. A very short novel which has so many inspiration thoughts and writings.

Author: Stuti Changle
Publisher: Invincible Publishers
Publish Date: February, 2018.
Genre: Fiction
No. of pages: 179


Thank you Roopmantra for the ayurvedic hamper and feeling glad to receive and use the products. This is suitable for all skin that removes acne and makes the skin glowing, pimple free and healthy.


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This removes excess oil, deep rooted dirt, control blemishes & pimples. Gives a refreshing feel after the wash and best for pimple cure.


Contains lemon fruit peel, tulsi leaf, pudhina and aloevera. Keeps skin away from dryness and roughness. Controls skin cracking.


This contains grape seed, Apple fruit pulp, carrot, almond seed and aloe. This removes facial skin dirt which prevents blemishes & pimples.


This gel helps in removing pimples, dark circles and blackheads. This keeps your skin acne free and makes the face clean and clear.


Prevents acne, pimples, boils and skin infections. Refreshing and nourishing ointment suitable for all types of skin.

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Happy Monsoon ๐Ÿ˜Š

Craving for hot and spicy food is one of the part of monsoon. As we sip our evening tea/coffee we crave for something hot and crispy to munch. Idly fry will be a great snack for monsoon. Happily writing my first blog sharing the recipe. Hope you guys know how to make idly. Its the same usual idly that is made from rice and urad daal batter. First cook the idly and then comes idly fry.


* Idly

* Refined oil to fry

* Chilli powder

* salt


1. Cut the idly into 4 small pieces

2. Deep fry in refined oil until it turns golden

3. After its fried add 1/2 tspn of chilli powder and salt for some spiciness

Now the idly fry is ready. Try it and hope you guys will like it.

Many more recipes on the way… Till then enjoy the monsoon and be safe too ๐Ÿ˜€